Home Inspector Licensing Program Overview

  1. Improve Your Inspection Expertise: Learn hands-on every week. Instructors review and critique inspection reports. Students can apply these lessons to their very next report.
  2. Learn Over Time: Don’t try to cram your new home inspection license into a few weeks. Learn over time through applied repetition of our home inspection knowledge.
  3. Pick Any Ten Saturdays: We have practice inspections every Saturday. This allows flexibility as you fulfill your practical license requirements.


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Home Inspector Licensing Program Pricing & Payment Options

Full Payment Pay $2,000 before starting our Home Inspector Licensing program. Paying in full ahead of time saves you $200!

Monthly Payments $550 down payment plus $550 a month for the next three months.

*Our course includes everything you need to take the NYS Exam and SUCCEED. Ten in-person NYS required mock inspections, all necessary textbooks, worksheets, and learning materials. Experienced instructors with real world experience.*

Home Inspector Licensing Evening Schedule

Evening classes are Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm.


Home Inspector Licensing Course


Start Date: Any Month

At C.A.T.S. the availability and convenience of our scheduling is a big priority. Our four month program takes place on weekday evenings. This allows our students to continue working as they take the course.

Our program contains of five modules. The specific order of the modules is not important. The fifth module runs throughout the other four. This non-sequential design allows our students to begin at the start of any module. That means no sitting around waiting for a new semester to begin.

We understand that time is a big factor when deciding on a new career path. The C.A.T.S. program keeps our students’ needs in the forefront.

Practice Inspections Weekly
The Difference Between Learning and Doing

One key to the C.A.T.S. method is being able to apply classroom learning to a real world application. Being apply to learn, apply, re-asses, and repeat gives real meaning to the lessons.

Our program gives every student this opportunity. You will attend two evening classes per week. Supervised practice inspections are available every Saturday. After each practice inspection you will a report. Every licensed home inspector writes these same reports as part of their business. These reports come into the classroom for review and critiques. This helps students technical inspecting ability as well as how to write a report.

As you learn and practice, you will improve. Each lesson introduces new material. You will gain new confidence and skills as a home inspector. Honing not only your professional eye but your all important report writing.

Home inspection is a specialized field. No one picks it up cold and writes a thorough and professional report the first time, or even the 5th. After our course you’ll be confident in your expertise.

Individual Saturday inspections are voluntary. 10 inspections are mandatory to get the Module 5 certificate and in turn, your license. You’re welcome to attend these inspections as long as needed to complete what’s needed. Even if your time in the classroom has finished.

Free Reporting System

Get free access to a professional home inspection reporting system during this course.

Home inspection is a systematic occupation. Good systems make good inspectors. We train you on professional home inspection reporting software. This makes a smooth transition from student to professional.

There are no extra fees for the reporting system. Your tuition covers everything you need. There are no hidden costs.

Each student learns to use the same system; the system used by your instructor in their business.


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